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Thanks, hon. I will confess I’m not feeling all that great at the moment — one kid is sick, the Chrubuntu’ed Chromebook has somehow been rendered incapable of charging its battery properly without a firmware update, my house is even more of a mess than is usual, and Operation Buy a Damn Car is still ongoing, my husband having walked out of a dealership Friday when he felt like he’d been presented with one surprise too many (which was partially my fault). I would really like some time to sit around and be silly for a while, but I can’t do it without neglecting someone or something I care about.


Y’all may have noticed a distinct dropoff in post quantity of late: a whole lot of “I want to ___ but I don’t have time!” (Total viewed of High School: Love On: now up to ten minutes, including Woohyun Pulling His Hair Out, Woohyun Having to Do the Look of Dramatic Falling-in-Love Surprise Towards a 14-Year-Old, Sungyeol Glowering, and Sungyeol Menacingly Dropping a Glass. I am starting to miss the banana-milk world of Please Remember, Princess.)

Anyway. What I have been doing, instead of watching subtitled interviews and playing “Diamond” on repeat, is working on my dissertation. Yes, really. Yes, really. Some of you with long memories may say, “But didn’t you go back last year? Haven’t you been working on your dissertation all this time?” To make a long story short, no, and not until recently. In fact I’m still not officially re-enrolled yet; that will only happen after my adviser and the department are all confident that I’m capable of coming back, after such a long absence, and doing serious work.

The good news is that y’all will be spared the angst that comes with writing (and proposing) a dissertation, because I am pushing it all into a sideblog. It is not fully complete yet — at some point I will write an explanation of why I would choose to do something as self-involved and inherently boring as blogging about writing a dissertation — but it is at least formatted enough to be open for business. But given that it is self-involved, etc., etc., you all are free to ignore it.

(Short version of the “why”: it’s all Anna Lauren's fault.)

140725 Dongwoo’s Twitter Update and Sunggyu’s reply


nyanya~.~ quality than quantity! Direction than speed!! Understanding than misunderstanding!!! Action than words !!!! Love than hate!!!!! Duck! ‘♤’ Pig! ‘00’ no-face (kaonashi)*! ¡□¡ blow fish! •※• rhino’s side face! £• Nemo’s full body from the side! €°{{ hmm..what’s your opinion inspirit members?
냐냐~.~ 양보단 질! 속도보단 방향!! 오해 보단 이해!!! 말보단 행동 !!!! 질타보단 사랑!!!!! 오리! ‘♤’ 돼지! ‘00’ 가오나시! ¡□¡ 복어! •※• 코뿔소 옆얼굴! £• 니모옆전신! €°{{ 음..인스피릿 멤버들 의견은?

*kaonashi (no-face) is a character from the anime ‘spirited away’

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Sunggyu’s reply:  ?

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Anonymous asked: infiniteupdates(.)wordpress(.)com/2014/06/09/eng-sub-full-140604-kbs-kiss-the-radio-sukira-with-infinite/ Here's the KTR that you mentioned you did not see the entirety of, and 2014/06/04/vidfull-140604-kbs-kiss-the-radio-sukira-with-infinite/ is the SSTP from the same day. That one isn't subbed, unfortunately, which is a shame because it has the full fight story. But KTR has somewhat of a lead-in for it (it happened on Sungyeol's birthday!).

Whether you are the same anon from earlier or not, you are a darling.

(No really I keep saying this, because I want to make sure y’all hear it: I wake up — or, rather, I wake up and putter around and try to get coffee in me and then hear the kids waking up and realize I’ve gotten nothing done — feeling drained and overwhelmed sometimes, and then I get to Tumblr and learn that some person I probably don’t know, somewhere, has read my stuff and went to the trouble of finding my ask page and reaching out to me and expressing an interest in my Infinite-related ramblings, and it lifts my heart. It really does.)

Based on the GIFs I’ve seen of late — like the one of Sunggyu’s interview where he discusses his post-Another Me funk, or the one where they’re talking about who cries when — Woollim is apparently feeling a little more confident about letting them express less predictable, more human emotions.



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[HD] 140723 Show Champion — B1A4 내가뭐가돼 | SOLO DAY | 1ST WIN


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female idol friendships → for anonymous


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stopmoving asked: i have no advice on leasing a car (i'm from london, what even is driving) but i found nicole cliffe's recent "how to buy a car without interacting with a human" blog post (on The Toast) a great read because she TRIUMPHS in the face of HAVING TO DO SOMETHING STRESSFUL AND HARD -- you might find it a nice solidarity read, while you are negotiating the whole complicated business?

How to Buy a Car Without Interacting with a Human.

Thank you for the recommendation! Editor Nicole is admirable.

When I bought a car last year, I threatened to leave over a $200 fee while carrying my then-1-year-old; the salesman caved rather than have to get the damn car seat out of the car. (For the curious, it was Dave at Gunther Volkswagen Mall of Georgia, and while I have nothing but good wishes for him — and for the nice woman in the gift shop who ended up helping me find my chosen tattoo artist — the dealership itself has a ’60s-retro theme, which translates to a great deal of cartoonishly misogynistic art on the walls.)

Anonymous asked: There was a post a while back asking people not to conflate Berber w/ Amazigh bec the former is a slur. I've been trying to read up on this, find stuff online but honestly there's nothing besides the same links that are getting recycled. I get the general reason for not using it but tbh I'm just confused because no one in Morocco has ever asked me not to use the word, people use it quite freely, self-identifying with it. I've been living here for a while so want to learn more about this.

Hi, anon! You’re talking about this post.

I honestly know absolutely nothing about whether an individual person would prefer “Berber” or “Amazigh”. Here’s the “Amazigh” tag of the person who originally wrote into medievalpoc; that might help.

Good luck! And I’m curious to hear about living in Morocco — I’ve never been to the country.

noaesthetic asked: re: "where was the damn thing filmed", the answer is apparently... Incheon! also the site of Psy's "Hangover" MV. so the Cyrillic is mostly decorative, but probably can be read in other ways. i'm not sure if their drawn-on tattoos are also in Cyrillic or if it's roman alphabet but the stylists are really into writing random phrases on them lately so i wouldn't be surprised either way.

There’s yet more Cyrillic projected onto the back wall behind Dongwoo (I didn’t notice it until watching the behind-the-scenes footage).

Haven’t looked at the tattoos yet, though. Clearly this is something that is going to have to be explored in great video-pausing detail.

Anonymous asked: I couldn't help but notice your one tag on some of your posts (infinite: a study in cracks showing) and was wondering if you've taken the chance to watch some of their most recent radio interviews. They're a gold mine in terms of meta seeing "past the facade" as it were -- ie, Infinite not celebrating Woohyun's bday with him, the biggest fight ever being between Sungyeol and Myungsoo (THAT was an interesting story), things like that. They're really fascinating to watch and listen to.

Anon! You are catching me on a day when I need to forgo researching a topic of great interest to me (Infinite) and concentrate on researching a topic of great stress and nail-chewing (how to lease a car). So I cannot catch up at the moment.

The only radio show I have watched with subs of late was I think the “Kiss the Radio” one with everyone except Woohyun right after Season 2 promotions started, and even then I couldn’t see the whole thing. I am quite behind. (Total amount of High School: Love On watched so far: four minutes.)

You have already done me a mitzvah, anon, so accept my hugs in return; if you have time to do me another one, I will be most grateful for direct links.

(Also, if you have any advice on leasing a damn car, I am all ears. It is apparently even more confusing and potentially costly than buying one. I did not think that was possible.)



I’ve just seen Infinite’s Be Back teaser and their new image blew my mind away. Seriously, I couldn’t even stop squealing and it’s already midnight here (I hope my parents weren’t up to hear me crying out the fact that Sunggyu shaved his head/sides of his head). 

But what actually intrigued me was the mural on Hoya’s part. When it was Hoya’s turn to get his share of the lime light, I couldn’t help but notice the symbols that were painted on the wall behind him instead. It was oddly familiar to me. Then it hit me, those ‘symbols’ look similar to the work of LA-based street artist, RETNA. His graffiti work consists of symbols that derives from Blackletter, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Arabic, and Hebrew calligraphies (watch him at work here).

Now, I’m not assuming that the mural behind Hoya IS a work from street artist Retna, but they both do have several similarities. Form-wise, I find several symbols similar to what Retna usually makes, but with slight alteration. Composition-wise, the mural behind Hoya has been arranged too distant, where as Retna’s usual composition are by arranging the symbols close together to fill its work space and has a feeling of fullness to it. The more reason to believe that the mural behind Hoya is not really Retna’s work. 

I’ve been a fan of the said artist’s work, since I’ve never seen such unique way of using scripts in a work before. So, when I saw the teaser, I was surprised to find something like this. Bringing this issue aside, this new song they’re bringing is definitely making me wanting for more. They’re trying on a completely different concept from Last Romeo and truthfully, I kinda anticipate this one a little bit more (maybe because they’re not wearing lacy curtains anymore). 

Any way, that’s just a short (not so smart) analysis from me. I love Retna and I definitely love Infinite, so this wasn’t me trying to point out mistakes or anything. But I would love to listen to your opinion on this. If any of you out there are familiar with Retna, what do you think about this?

Oh! Now that I’ve had my sleep and a little bit more sober (though it’s still 5:00 AM), I noticed something that differs the two murals again. 

The fact that the mural behind Hoya was created with a spray paint (not 100% sure though) is also what makes it different from Retna’s. Based on how the paint glisten, it shows traces of spray paint usage (or just a really rough usage of paint). If you look closely at the symbols, the edges are a little bit rounded also a little bit faded, and you can see the the body is a bit wobbly too. Where as Retna’s works are usually made using paint brushes and diluted paint to maintain straight clean lines. This can be seen clearly on the circles and the diamonds. You can clearly see that Retna’s circles are clean and almost perfectly round and that the diamond’s edges are pointy enough to assume that it is indeed made using brush. On the other hand, like I’ve stated before, the diamonds in the other mural are a little bit too rounded on the edges to be made by a one stroke brush.

Again, this has been a (not so smart) artsy fartsy analysis on Infinite’s Be Back teaser from a not so sober artsy fartsy art student. 

I really wanna see Kpop x artsy fartsy artist collaboration again in the future. It’s really interesting to know these kinda stuff and fun too. 

Interview with Retna.

In case there’s any room for misinterpretation: I don’t believe Retna actually worked on “Back.” At this point my speculation is that the video-making team wanted graffiti in the background but didn’t want to risk anything that could be read and interpreted (hence the use of Cyrillic in the background during the rooftop dance) and went looking for examples of less-evidently-legible graffiti art. (Contrast to the deliberate use of legible writing in “Without You.”)

(Or I’m way off, and somewhere in Korea is a group of cranky Serbian taggers.)

(And: yay for interesting analysis and bringing new knowledge sources to the table!)

thorawa asked: abusedmember on tumblr had a post about the artwork in Back! so you can check her account and oh my god her own artwork is literally orgasmic i strongly recommend that you check it out!

Thanks for the recommendation! It took me a second to find the post you were talking about but I’m about to reblog it.